4-Day Siwa Oasis Adventure: Springs, Temples, and Desert Delights


Your 4-day, 3-night Siwa Oasis tour package offers a unique opportunity to explore this remote and stunning destination. Here's a concise and captivating version of your itinerary:

Day 1: Begin your journey to Siwa Oasis, known as the "sunset oasis," with your tour leader. After stops for rest, you'll arrive at your eco-hotel around 4:00 pm. Enjoy a relaxing check-in and then head to Fitnas Island to witness a breathtaking sunset.

Day 2: After breakfast, you'll swim in the Salt Lake and Cleopatra Spring, visit the remarkable Amon Temple, and explore the old city, Shali. In the afternoon, experience another mesmerizing sunset, this time from Shali City.

Day 3: Visit the Mount of the Dead, where you'll explore tombs of notable Roman and Greek figures, along with a model of Siwa houses. Prepare for a thrilling Desert Safari adventure, including sandboarding and a sunset in the desert.

Day 4: Bid farewell to Siwa Oasis and embark on your journey back to Cairo.

This Siwa Oasis tour promises unforgettable moments and natural beauty at every turn.

Tour Info
  • Duration: 4 days , 3 nights
  • Departure time and location: At 05:00 AM
  • Return time and location: The lobby of the hotel in Cairo
  • Package category: Adventure
What to Expect
    • Watching the sunset from Fitnas Island and taking a swim in the main spring.
    • Exploring the salt lakes and enjoying a swim in two of them.
    • Swimming in Cleopatra Spring and visiting the ancient temple of Amen.
    • Exploring the Old City (Shali) and witnessing the sunset from its heights.
    • Visiting the Mount of the Dead and exploring significant tombs.
    • Discovering Siwa House and experiencing the local way of life.
    • Enjoying a desert safari and trying sandboarding.
    • Witnessing a breathtaking sunset from the vast desert landscape.
  • Complementary bottle of water every day of the trip.
More About 4-Day Siwa Oasis Adventure: Springs, Temples, and Desert Delights
  • It's important for travelers to be prepared for the journey and the climate, especially when visiting a destination with extreme temperatures like Siwa. The summer heat can be intense, so bringing appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and staying hydrated are essential for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Day General Information

As per your scheduled pick-up time, your tour leader will greet you to commence your remarkable journey to Siwa Oasis, a picturesque drive that spans approximately 9 hours. Upon your arrival, your exploration of the captivating Siwa Oasis will commence under the guidance of our knowledgeable tour guide.

Day 1: Activity - 1
See the sunset and swim in the Fitnas well.

Upon your arrival in Siwa Oasis, you will have the opportunity to check in at your hotel. Following check-in, you'll be taken to the Fitnass Well for a refreshing swim and to witness the picturesque sunset. After this enjoyable excursion, you will be transferred back to your hotel to relax and unwind.

Day Extra Information

During your journey to Siwa Oasis, there will be several planned stops along the way. These stops will provide you with opportunities to rest, use restroom facilities, and purchase snacks or refreshments, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

Day General Information

After enjoying breakfast at your hotel in Siwa Oasis, you will embark on a day of exploration. In the morning, you will visit three different sights, each offering unique experiences and insights into the rich culture and history of Siwa. Later in the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to explore another fascinating attraction in this oasis.

Day 2: Activity - 1
Swimming in the Salt lake.

Visiting the salt lakes in Siwa Oasis sounds like a unique and enjoyable experience. Swimming in these lakes, where you can effortlessly float due to the high salt content, is not only fun but also a relaxing way to spend your time. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind adventure in the oasis!

Day 2: Activity - 2
Swimming in the Cleopatra well.

Swimming in the Cleopatra Well must be a fascinating experience. The historical and legendary associations with Cleopatra make it even more intriguing. Enjoy your time swimming in this iconic location!

Day 2: Activity - 3
Visiting the oracle temple

Visiting the Temple of Ra, especially knowing that Alexander the Great himself once set foot here, must be a truly remarkable experience. Enjoy exploring this historical site and soaking in its rich history and significance!

Day Extra Information

As you prepare for your day of exploration in Siwa Oasis, remember to wear your swimming suit and bring towels with you. These items will come in handy when you visit the various swimming spots and attractions in the oasis. Enjoy your day of adventure and relaxation in this beautiful desert destination!

Day General Information

Exploring the old city and then embarking on a desert safari and sandboarding adventure sounds like a fantastic way to spend your day. Enjoy the unique experiences and breathtaking views that Siwa Oasis has to offer!

Day 3: Activity - 1
Visiting the old City

Exploring the old city of Siwa and experiencing its unique architecture and culture will surely be an enriching experience. Enjoy your time there, and take in the history and traditions of this fascinating place.

Day 3: Activity - 2
Safari by 4X4 Jeep

Exploring the desert and enjoying activities like sand-boarding while witnessing the sunset must be an incredible adventure. The vast and tranquil desert landscapes have their own unique beauty. Enjoy this experience to the fullest!

Day General Information

You've completed your Siwa Oasis adventure and are heading back to Cairo. 

Inclusions & Exclusions

    • Private round-trip transfer between Cairo and Siwa.
    • All ground transportation throughout the package.
    • A private tour guide.
    • 3 nights of accommodation in an ecological hotel, including breakfast.
    • Entrance fees to the specified sights in the itinerary.
    • A desert safari experience by 4X4 Jeep.
    • Any additional expenses not specified in the provided itinerary.
    • Food and beverages beyond what is explicitly mentioned.
    • Personal expenses.
    • Tips or gratuities.

Current Season Price Details

Please Note that price changes per season, so the price will depend on the date you pick when check out
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Must adult #
Price per adult $ 750 $ 550 $ 500
Max child # [age:6-11]
Price per child $ 400 $ 350 $ 400
Max infant # [age:0-5]
Price per infant $ 50 $ 50 $ 50

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User Reviews
Sep 8, 2023

Amazing 4 day custom trip: Thoroughly enjoyed my tour! Youssa helped to create a customized tour, listening to our bucket list experiences, in order to create an amazing 4 day trip. The team was professional and provided a high quality service. We had lots of fun and learned lots of history. Would recommend this company.

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