Mt. Saint Catherine Climb & Monastery Visit from Sharm El Sheikh


Your extraordinary journey will commence as you're picked up from your hotel between 7:45 and 9:00 p.m. Keep in mind that this is a group tour. You'll be driven to St. Catherine, a scenic drive that spans approximately 3 to 4 hours. Upon reaching St. Catherine, a local Bedouin guide, well-versed in the area, will accompany you on your ascent to the summit.

As part of your adventure, you'll have the opportunity to explore the monastery, appreciating its exquisite architecture and rich history. The Transfiguration Church is a standout, renowned for its stunning frescoes and intricately designed wooden interior. While wandering the grounds, you'll come across the Burning Bush, a sacred site steeped in legend, where it is said that God spoke to Moses.

This spiritual journey will leave you feeling profoundly uplifted, and you'll carry the memories of this unforgettable adventure as you return to your Sharm el Sheikh hotel. Subsequently, you'll be driven back to your lodgings, concluding your remarkable journey.

Tour Info
  • Duration: 18 hours
  • Departure time and location: 7:45 PM from your hotel.
  • Return time and location: 1:00 PM next day at your hotel
  • Tour category: Tour From "Sharm El Sheikh"
Tour Highlights
    • Seize an extraordinary opportunity to ascend Mount Sinai, Egypt's highest peak, and witness the breathtaking sunrise from its summit.
    • Embark on a unique adventure, immersing yourself in the profound spirituality and rich history of this revered mountain.
What to Expect
    • Embark on a transformative journey, tracing the footsteps of Moses and gaining profound insights into his life.
    • Transport yourself back in time, experiencing Moses' trials and triumphs firsthand, forging a deep connection with the past.
    • Atop Mount Sinai, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature, a reverent silence envelops the early morning. Fellow travelers are equally entranced by the palpable spiritual energy. In this sacred moment, envision Moses receiving divine wisdom. It's an incredibly humbling experience that leaves an indelible mark.
    • Nestled at the base of Mount Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery stands as a testament to unwavering faith and human endurance. Within its ancient walls, spanning centuries, are the stories of those who sought solace and enlightenment. As you wander its halls and admire its intricate artwork, the resilience of this sacred place throughout history leaves a lasting impression on believers of all backgrounds and faiths.


Day General Information

Your adventure begins with a pickup from your hotel at approximately 08:00 pm. The journey from Sharm to St. Catherine typically takes around 3 to 4 hours. Upon arrival, you'll be introduced to your knowledgeable local Bedouin guide, who will accompany you throughout the journey, leading you from the monastery to the mountain's summit.

You'll make your ascent in time to reach the mountain's peak before sunrise, where you'll have the unique opportunity to witness the breathtaking sunrise unfold before your eyes, creating a memorable and magical moment.

Following this unforgettable experience, you'll return to visit the St. Catherine Monastery. After the monastery visit, you will be transported back to Sharm, concluding your extraordinary journey and returning to your hotel.

Activity - 1
Meet, pick-up and transfer to Saint Catherine.

Your pickup time for this excursion will fall between 7:45 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., adjusted according to your hotel's location. Once you and the rest of the party have been gathered, your journey to Saint Catherine will commence, a scenic drive that typically spans approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Activity - 2
Climbing the Mountain

Around midnight, you'll reach the embarkation point for your extraordinary expedition, where you'll rendezvous with the local Bedouin guide who will guide you through the trek. The ascent to the mountain's summit typically takes approximately 3 hours. The most challenging segment consists of ascending 700 stairs just before reaching the summit, but the remainder of the route is relatively straightforward, resembling a passage from lower to higher ground.

You'll reach the summit in time to witness the captivating sunrise, savoring a truly unique view and a deeply spiritual moment. Afterward, you'll descend and make your way back to the monastery, completing this remarkable journey.

Activity - 3
Visiting the monastery and traveling back to Sharm

The Monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai is considered one of the oldest monasteries still standing today, steeped in rich history and significance. Upon your arrival, you'll have the opportunity to explore this historic site, including its significant church, the renowned Burning Bush, and Moses' Well.

Following your visit to the monastery, you'll be transported back to Sharm and efficiently transferred to your accommodation, concluding your memorable journey with a deeper understanding of the region's historical and spiritual significance.

Day Extra Information

This group tour accommodates participants from various nationalities and offers multilingual guidance for your convenience.

As the winter weather can be quite cold, it is strongly advised to dress warmly and ensure you have appropriate clothing. Comfortable shoes are essential for this journey.

Please note that this tour is not suitable for:

- Children under 12 years old
- Individuals with back problems
- Pregnant women
- Those with heart problems

Ensuring the safety and comfort of all participants is a top priority.

Inclusions & Exclusions

    • Hotel pick-up and drop-off service.
    • Convenient round-trip transportation via a modern, air-conditioned bus or minibus.
    • Inclusive entrance fee to St. Catherine Park.
    • Expert guidance by a professional tour guide and local leader.
    • Provision of a flashlight for your convenience.
    • All applicable taxes covered.
    • Food and beverages
    • Personal expenses
    • Gratuity (tipping)

Current Season Price Details

Please Note that price changes per season, so the price will depend on the date you pick when check out
# Price
Solo Adult $ 38 /per adult
Group of (2-3) Adults $ 38 /per adult
Group of (4-6) Adults $ 38 /per adult
Group of (7-10) Adults $ 38 /per adult
Group of (11-more) Adults $ 35 /per adult
Child [age:6-11]
Infant [age:0-5]

20 % of the total booking amount

User Reviews
Sep 8, 2023

Well organized excursion not for the unfit person as it’s 7km about 3-4 hours up the mountain ! Though the path is wide and gradual I managed the first 3 km before my knees gave up but there are camels all along the way that you can ride up to the last 750 steps to summit The sunrise was spectacular as were the views

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