Cairo to Alexandria: Catacombs, Seraphim Temple, Citadel, and Library


Explore the rich history of Egypt's second-largest city, Alexandria, with the exclusivity of a private guided tour. Did you know that for nearly 1,000 years, from 330 BC when it was constructed by Alexander the Great, Alexandria served as Egypt's capital? On this captivating Alexandria sightseeing tour, you'll encounter a treasure trove of ancient Greek and Roman relics, including the Catacombs, Pompey's Pillar, and the formidable Quitbay Fortress. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to delve into Alexandria's fascinating past.

Tour Info
  • Duration: 12 Hours
  • Departure time and location: 7:00 AM from your hotel
  • Return time and location: 7:00 PM at your hotel
  • Tour category: Tour From "Cairo"
Tour Highlights
    • Discover the Fascinating Catacombs of Alexandria
    • Uncover the Secrets of the Bombay Pillar
    • Explore the Historic Site of the Lighthouse and Qaitbay Fortress
    • Pay a Visit to the Renowned Library of Alexandria
What to Expect
  • Step into the Ancient Egyptian World, Immersed in Well-Preserved Tombs
  • Marvel at the Intricate Carvings and Artwork, Unveiling Burial Traditions
  • Embark on an Enthralling Underground Adventure to Discover Egypt's Religion and Culture
  • The Bombay Pillar and Serapeum Temple: Architectural Grandeur with Historical Significance
  • Qaitbay Citadel: A 15th-Century Fortress with a View Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
  • Explore Egypt's Maritime History and Legends Linked to the Citadel
  • Complementary bottled water will be provided


Activity - 1
Pickup, Transfer to Alexandria, and a Tour of The Catacombs

At 7 AM, your adventure commences in the hotel lobby as you rendezvous with your dedicated tour guide. A private, air-conditioned van awaits, ready to transport you to Alexandria and initiate your journey. We embark on our Alexandria exploration at the ancient Catacombs, where millennia-old underground tombs brimming with historical significance, architectural marvels, and intricate carvings await discovery. Our next destination is the captivating Montaza Palace and Gardens, offering breathtaking seaside vistas and tranquil walks through verdant surroundings, a perfect complement to our catacomb exploration.

Activity - 2
The Seraphim Temple

Our subsequent stop takes us to the Seraphim Temple, an extraordinary religious edifice steeped in profound spiritual importance. As you approach, towering pillars adorned with intricate carvings welcome you, evoking a profound sense of reverence and wonder.

Activity - 3
The Lighthouse location and the citadel.

After your temple exploration, your journey continues to the historic site of the former Alexandria Lighthouse, now known as the Guitbay Citadel. Here, photographers will relish capturing the stunning vistas of the Mediterranean Sea from this architectural marvel. With its blend of architectural splendor and rich historical significance, the Guitbay Citadel stands as an indispensable destination for all Alexandria visitors.

Activity - 4
The Library of Alexandria stop

En route back to Cairo, we'll capture a memorable moment with a photo in front of the newly constructed Library of Alexandria. If you wish to explore its interior, kindly inform your guide to assist you in securing tickets. Within the Library, an extensive collection of books and manuscripts spanning various epochs awaits, mirroring the grandeur of the edifice itself. Delve into a profound trove of knowledge and history, enhancing your understanding of both. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in a boundless world of books and wisdom.

Upon concluding your visit, we'll arrange for your return to Cairo, where you'll be dropped off at your hotel.

Day Extra Information

Delve into the Intriguing History of Alexandria:

- Explore Egypt's Second-Largest City, Former Capital for a Millennium
- Trace the Footsteps of Alexander the Great in This Remarkable City
- Uncover the Legacy of the Iconic Queen Cleopatra
- An Exceptionally Recommended Tour to Immerse Yourself in Egypt's Rich History

Inclusions & Exclusions

    • Enjoy Personalized Pickup and Drop-off Services
    • Travel in Comfort with Modern Air-Conditioned Transportation
    • Be Enlightened by a Private and Knowledgeable Tour Guide
    • Access Included: Entrance Fees and Tickets to All Featured Attractions
  • Any additional attractions that are not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Food and beverage
  • Tipping

Current Season Price Details

Please Note that price changes per season, so the price will depend on the date you pick when check out
# Price
Solo Adult $ 150 /per adult
Group of (2-3) Adults $ 100 /per adult
Group of (4-6) Adults $ 90 /per adult
Group of (7-10) Adults $ 80 /per adult
Group of (11-more) Adults $ 75 /per adult
Child [age:6-11] $ 40 /per child
Infant [age:0-5] $ 0 /per infant
Student $ 75 /per student

20 % of the total booking amount

Extra Fees

While it's certainly possible to visit the Library of Alexandria, it's important to note that the entrance fee is not included in the tour price. Therefore, if you wish to explore this renowned institution, you will need to cover the entrance fee separately.

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